On the Spot 7-1-2008

illustrationHave you ever
participated in
a virtual trade show?

“I have not taken part in one, but I’ve heard of them and even been invited to a few. I think they are a good added value to our industry in that they allow folks who normally don’t attend trade shows to gather information. However, our business is about placing people face-to-face, facilitating human interaction and hand-shakes. Virtual trade shows, as efficient and valuable as they are, don’t fill up hotel rooms or airplane seats or the restaurant on the corner.”

Fred Diniz
Managing Director
Global Events Consultants
Nanuet, N.Y.

“I signed up for one that took place during the same time I was attending a traditional trade show. I didn’t have time to participate, but I will definitely sign up for others. I think it is a really great idea -- I can see what’s new without leaving the comfort of my office.”

Angela Gennari
Director of Sales

“We have discussed virtual and interactive showcases and would be interested in participating in a concept we can update very quickly. With the rising travel costs for sales visits, we could shift some funds.”

Joe Lustenberger
Director of Marketing, North America