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Planning the Ultimate Dance Party

Tips from some pros will foster frenzied fun for attendees

When it comes to throwing a party, Ross Bielejeski and Greg Chinnis know the ropes. As owners of South Florida-based Rock With U Entertainment, they organize all manner of corporate festivities, and they have some good advice for planners.

To begin with, go light on the hot air. "Cut back on the time-consuming speeches and unnecessary interruptions," says Chinnis. "If the goal is to let attendees have a blast, allow them to do just that!" And please, ditch the formal dress code. "Everyone will feel more comfortable," notes Bielejeski. "Encourage attendees to kick off their shoes and hit the dance floor, and offering flip-flops or socks for the women will enable them to feel more comfortable dancing and help them keep up with the men."

Finally, "Too big a dance floor is intimidating and looks lame if half-empty," warns Bielejeski. "Go no more than a 24- by 24-foot dance area for 200 people. Then watch them swing!"