Décor and Gift Ideas

0509HI Rubiks CubeGet game. For the playful VIP, Zontik Games' Rubik's Cube ($155), made from solid chrome with leather inlays, or the Glossy Mahogany Poker Set ($470) make great gifts. zontikgames.com










0509HI exotic lanternLighten up. Substitute these exotic, colorful lanterns for floral centerpieces. Guests can take them home as favors. $7.95 each. (800) 908-6748; zgallerie.com












0509HI CookiesDessert oasis. A cookie bar is a sweet touch. Brooklyn, N.Y.-based One Girl Cookies lays out petit fours, macaroons and meringues on vintage serving pieces for an eclectic look. About $10 per guest. (212) 675-4996; onegirlcookies.com









0509HI Frozen rosesCool blooms. We love this fun tip from style guru Jonathan Fong: Freeze beautiful roses inside ice cubes for a dramatic effect. Pair with a spritzer cocktail in a highball glass or in a champagne bucket as a centerpiece.










0509HI SmartpenSave that spiel. Record a speaker's presentation -- as well as what you write about it -- with the Pulse Smartpen, which then directly uploads the files to your computer. From $150 and up. (877) 727-4239; livescribe.com









0509HI StarbucksGive a perk. Whether as a reward or a reminder, a gift of Starbucks coffee is always welcome. A set with personalized mug, coffee and Tazo teas starts at about $10. (973) 882-8850; nouveautesusa.com