Et Tu, Bacon?

Bacon-Infused Caesar

The Whistler, British Columbia-based Bearfoot Bistro gives its take on the Bloody Mary a smoky kick with a homemade bacon-infused vodka. Ingredients for the Bacon-Infused Caesar, as the drink is called, below:

45 ml homemade bacon vodka (combine rendered bacon fat in liquid form with room temperature vodka at a ratio of one part fat to four parts vodka; steep for eight hours; freeze, cut fat, filter and strain)
15 ml Cinzano Rosso vermouth
20 ml Worcestershire or Tabasco sauce
120 ml Motts Clamato juice
Two dashes of Fee Brothers celery bitters
The juice of one lime wedge
Dehydrated beer powder
Celery salt
Cerignola olives for garnish