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Hotel Security

This checklist was compiled with the help of Richard P. Werth, CPP, owner, R.P. Werth & Associates, Inc. (meetings, special events and travel security specialists), 1313 Sawyer Bend Circle, Franklin, Tenn. 37064


  • Is the nature of the meeting/event highly sensitive?
  • Does the nature of the meeting/event require special access control procedures?
  • Will any celebrities or VIP guests require special security arrangements?
  • Are any known threats directed against the company, association, senior management, guests, attendees or venue?
  • Will large sums of cash, electronic equipment or other valuable items be present?
  • Has the hotel experienced labor problems, demonstrations, threats, fires, etc.? If yes, be sure to obtain specific details.

  • Do guest rooms have deadbolt door locks and self-closing devices?
  • What type of door lock system is in place: standard key or key card?
  • Are keys or key cards provided without room numbers or hotel name marked on them?
  • Do guest room doors have viewports (peep holes)?
  • Do sliding glass doors to patio have a secondary locking device, and are all locking devices operable?
  • Is an emergency evacuation plan posted?
  • Is the evacuation plan consistent with ADA requirements?
  • Are smoke detectors and fire sprinklers in place and working?
  • What sound alarm provisions are made for hearing-impaired guests?
  • Do guest rooms have safes? If not, what options are available for safeguarding valuables?

  • Who will be the planner's security contact?
  • Are all security personnel certified in CPR/first aid?
  • How many officers and supervisors are on duty per shift, and how visible is security presence?
  • How are fire, medical, weather and bomb threat emergencies handled?
  • Will clearly written duties/responsibilities be provided to security personnel?
  • If the event requires contracting of additional security personnel, what performance criteria will be employed to ascertain their level of training and competence?
  • Who will brief security personnel on their responsibilities with regard to the meeting/event?
  • What internal security checks are in place to verify security personnel before allowing access to restricted areas (name badge, electronic pass, code)?

  • What is the in-house security emergency number?
  • How often are room keys/cards inventoried?
  • How does the front desk maintain room key/card security?
  • How often are room key/card combinations changed? Request date of last change.
  • Can meeting rooms be re-keyed?
  • At your request, will all details pertaining to your event be omitted from the facility's announcement boards?
  • If guest does not respond to a requested wake-up call, what actions are taken?
  • Are security video cameras in place? Where are they located, and how are they monitored?
  • Does security patrol the interior and exterior of the hotel? How often?
  • What procedures and systems are available for VIP guests?
  • Are the interior hallways and exterior areas (particularly parking lots and garages) well lighted?
  • Are there special on-property storage areas for equipment prior to setup or shipping? Who has access to these storage areas?
  • Does the hotel have a close relationship with the local police department?
  • Have all hotel employees been instructed in hotel evacuation procedures? What was the date of the last training session?
  • Notes:

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