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Wrapping Up Your Meeting

The following checklist was compiled by Janet Hennessey, CMP, CMM, vice president, communications, for Chicago-based Financial & Insurance Conference Planners (ficpnet.com).

Conduct a Post-con
• Meet with parties who were present for the pre-con and any suppliers instrumental to the meeting's effectiveness.

• Provide constructive criticism to each present party.  

• Specifically name outstanding staff members and note their exemplary actions.

• Ask for constructive feedback related to your role and that of your team.

• Make notes for the next meeting.

Before Leaving
• Meet with the credit manager to discuss the final master account bill.

• Correct verified errors and note any discrepancies on which you must follow up when you've returned to the office.

• Distribute gratuities not built into the cost of food or A/V.

• Document amounts and recipients for your records.

• Check that any materials that need to be shipped back to the office are packed and labeled correctly.

Back Home
• If possible, send an online evaluation to all attendees within one week of the meeting.

• Send thank-yous to the facility staff and vendors who worked directly with you and your staff during the event (and copy the GM, management company and owners).

• Send thank-you letters to your own organization's staff and volunteers, and all speakers. Let them know specifically how they contributed to the meeting.

• Hold a staff debrief as soon as possible, and discuss what was and was not accomplished at the meeting.

• Consider whether the meeting's format, including room setups, was effective. Explore what could be improved.

• Record all comments made about the speakers regarding their presentations, and send each of them a written evaluation based on same.

Money Matters

• Review notes you kept on the meeting regarding additional F&B, A/V needs, etc. Detail for your files.

• Reconcile master account bills, staff and speaker bills, as well as all expense reports.

• Prepare an itemized report of expenses; file it with the wrap-up records and notes for the next meeting.

• Review contracts; contact vendors to renegotiate any provisions out of sync with the actual course of events.

• Direct the hotel bill to be paid, minus any disputed amounts, within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

• Follow up with the internal accounts payable department to make sure bills have been paid.

• For any disputed charges, reconcile immediately and ensure that final bills are paid within 30 days of resolution.

Final Reports

• Calculate the meeting's return on objective (ROO).

• When possible, with the help of meeting stakeholders, calculate the meeting's return on investment (ROI).

• Prepare a written post-meeting report. Include whether the vendor contract commitments were met, a budget recap, attendance at various events and numbers of attendees served at each meal. Also offer a summary of the online evaluation results and a high-level ROO statement. Distribute the report to internal meeting stakeholders.

• Record your thoughts about the meeting and how it could be improved for future planning.

• Compare the request for proposal with the actual results, covering room pickup, F&B spending, etc. Make changes to future RFPs as appropriate.

• Write up a timeline for the meeting, including both due dates and completion dates, and file for future reference.