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Work & Wellness Can Work Together

In a perfect world, your staff would be able to use each and every one of their vacation days to travel or unwind. And perhaps some of your employees are fortunate enough to do so. But likely, many of them use their days to tend to family matters or to try to squeeze a month's worth of traveling into a week or two__neither of which are especially relaxing. So next time you plan to hit the road with your staff for a meeting, convention, or corporate retreat, incorporate a little mandatory time off and make wellness a priority. You'd be surprised what just an extra few days can do to rejuvenate and motivate your team.

Sure, an additional day or two away from the office may seem like a big investment up front, but giving your employees the chance to achieve a healthy work/life balance isn't just good for them__it's good for your business. You can actually reduce the overall cost of health insurance, as well as the number of absences due to illness, and increase your organization's productivity and morale.

Take some time to cultivate a culture of health and wellness while you're on the road, and then take it home with you. Here's what you'll need to ensure a healthful, productive, and enjoyable trip for your entire team:

1. An Appealing Destination
Maybe that means heading to an urban metropolis like Las Vegas or L.A., where there's something different to do on every street corner. Perhaps it's a place like Scottsdale or Palm Desert, where nature is never too far away. The vision for this particular trip may inspire a jaunt to Orlando or Cancun, where the sun is always shining and stressors quickly melt away.

Wherever you decide to take your team, let them know you value their hard work by rewarding them with ample free time to explore and enjoy the area, or even just relax in the comfort of their lodgings. And when the time comes to get some work done, make that work feel more like play. Certainly some portions of your event will require a formal venue, but if you plan to meet in small groups or spend some time brainstorming, consider taking a short hike or meeting in a public park. A little physical activity and fresh air can do wonders to stimulate the brain and inspire new ideas.

2. Culinary Excellence
And by "excellence," we mean nutrient-rich and delicious. Many people find it difficult to eat well while they're on the road, so make it easy. There's no better way to support and encourage the wellness of your team than to provide wholesome, healthy food for them at each and every meal.

Offer fresh fruit and whole grains in lieu of donuts, bagels, or pancake breakfasts. Make trail mix, protein bars, fruits, and vegetables readily available throughout the day. Find a caterer or hotel staff that is willing to customize their culinary offerings for you and your team. Neither you nor your employees will benefit from a short burst of energy after mealtime, only to burn out halfway through a meeting or presentation. Offer your team the fuel they need to be productive and well throughout the day.

3. Commitment to Wellness
Book your stay at a place that caters to the relaxation and rejuvenation of its guests__because your employees deserve it. That means making sure the rooms and amenities are welcoming and pleasant, and that there's a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa facility on site. That way, your team can easily exercise or indulge if they so choose.

Looking for simpler ways to make wellness a priority this trip? Ask one of your employees to set up a walking group during the evening, or even between meetings. Recruit a guest speaker to lead sessions on stress management or workplace wellness, or offer on-site yoga or fitness classes each morning. If your employees are especially receptive to one or more of these activities, implement them at the workplace when you return.

If you don't think an extra day or two is feasible, consider offering your employees a small allowance for tickets to a local museum, a healthy meal out, even a spa treatment. No matter what your budget allows, the bottom line is this: Employees that are well, work well. So make your next company getaway a time to get some quality work done, to inspire your employees, and best of all, to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

And book your trip at a place that partners with planners to provide everything necessary for unique corporate events. A place that makes culture, culinary arts, and wellness its utmost priorities.

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