by Sarah JF Braley | November 05, 2019
While working with elite cyclists, Hannah Grant, a chef who has been experimenting with "performance cooking," and Stacy Sims, a scientist researching performance nutrition, saw the effect jet lag had on the athletes and their staffs, noting that it took days after arrival for anyone to work at their usual levels, whether on the bike or as team support. Grant and Sims subsequently studied the causes of jet lag, noting that dehydration was the main problem. They have now produced a solution for their athletes that is available for all travelers. My Flight Pack prevents the dehydration caused by stale air on planes and also helps change passengers' circadian rhythms so they can acclimate more easily to their new time zone. The pack is made up of three drinks: Prep, for before you fly; Rest, to help you relax and sleep on the plane; and Wake, for reenergizing upon arrival. Cost: Single pack, $15.99; Return pack (2 packages), $25.99; Frequent Flyer pack (8 packages), $95.99.