by Sarah JF Braley | July 17, 2020
If you're anything like me, you used to work through lunch at the office so you could get a jump start on your evening commute. But now that so many of us are doing our jobs from home (62 percent, according to Gallup Panel data from May), denying ourselves a break during the middle of the day doesn't shorten up our work time. With no real commute we just keep going and going and going.

This practice isn't helping anybody's psyche. Take that hour in the middle of the day, turn off your pinging notifications and don't look at the news. Make a special meal. Go for a walk. Put on some music and dance. Lie on the floor with your dog. Get outside and breathe. Do a meditation. Take a nap! You'll return to your afternoon refreshed, and your clients, bosses and colleagues will marvel at your reinvigorated productivity.

If you're looking for some new recipes for a delicious, healthy lunch, check out these options from the Food Network, such as the Veggie Lover's Club Sandwich, the Kale and Apple Salad, or the Garden Egg Salad.