by Sarah JF Braley | March 20, 2020

Trying to help fill the need for the hand sanitizers that have disappeared from store shelves, some boutique distillers around the country have started mixing up the stuff on their own.

• In Milwaukee, the Central Standard Craft Distillery is taking its high-proof vodka and turning it into a disinfectant spray. The product is being distributed for free to high-risk places such as nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, critical-care centers and first-responder stations. The company's supply partner, WB Bottling, is providing the disinfectant bottles at no charge.

Broken Trail Distillery and Brewery of Albuquerque, N.M.,is now mixing large quantities of ethanol with other ingredients to create their own hand sanitizer. They've already produced more than 1,000 two-ounce bottles using the same ingredients they already had on hand to distill their vodka. The bottles of hand sanitizer are free for anyone who asks for one from a staff member.

Gulf Coast Distillers in Houston has converted of one of its production and bottling lines to manufacture its hand sanitizer. The distillers expect their C4U Hand Sanitizer to be available at local retailers this week, with exact pricing and locations to be announced once the product is ready for sale.

• At 65 percent alcohol, Palmetto Moonshine's Bootlegger Proof Moonshine meets the CDC's recommendation of 60 percent alcohol (or higher) for use in hand sanitizers. Make your own by combining 3/4 Bootlegger Proof Moonshine with 1/4 aloe vera. There are plenty of jars in stock at the Anderson, S.C., distillery or online at Liquid Blackjack. Palmetto Moonshine will have hand sanitizer available for purchase the first week of April.

Interested in making your own? Here are some instructions from the World Health Organization.

Photograph by Serezniy for GettyImages