by Sarah JF Braley | December 06, 2019

The people behind the Sleep Cycle Alarm app want to help the world -- including you -- get a better night's sleep. Sleep Cycle tracks your snoozing to find your perfect wake-up window, using sound analysis to identify which of the five stages of sleep you are in. It aims to wake you up when you are in the first, or lightest stage (stages one and two are light sleep; three and four go deeper and deeper; and stage five is the REM cycle). Sleep Cycle wakes you up slowly (usually over 30 minutes), ending at your desired alarm time, monitoring signals from your body to wake you softly when you are in the lightest possible sleep stage.

Compiling information from users around the world, Sleep Cycle's home page has some fun stats on it. This week, people in South Africa went to bed the earliest (at 11:01 p.m.), followed by Australia (11:15 p.m.) and New Zealand (11:16 p.m.). Going to bed late were users in Korea (1:07 a.m.), Turkey (12:59 a.m.) and Greece (12:54 a.m.). Those South Africans also got out of bed early (at 6:19 a.m.), as did users in Colombia (6:26 a.m.) and Costa Rica (6:30 a.m.). People in Belarus slept late (until 8:12 a.m.), as did those in Portugal (8:05 a.m.) and Greece (8:05 a.m.). Who snored the most? Korean users, averaging 26 minutes per night, vs. those in Qatar who averaged 8 minutes.

Sleep Cycle Alarm is available for free for both iPhones and Androids, offering sleep analysis, daily sleep graphs and more. The premium version ($30 a year) adds long-term sleep trends, world statistics, weather, a heart-rate monitor, sleep aids, sleep notes (so you can see how drinking coffee, stress, working out, eating late and other factors affect your sleep quality) and more.