by Sarah JF Braley | May 22, 2020

You've tried the virtual cocktail hours and other online group gatherings to help people feel like they're still in touch. Take it up a notch with a virtual wellness challenge and get your group focused on health, as well.

The people at Teambonding have created a fully customizable program of daily challenges for any group size; set it up for one day, seven days or as long as long as you want. Using the company's proprietary app, participants share their progress through the list of indoor and outdoor activities, posting photos showing the number of steps on their fitness trackers, taking videos of themselves drinking a glass of water or doing 10 jumping jacks, sharing their favorite healthy recipes, or taking pictures of themselves meditating or standing up during a meeting. The options are practically endless, and group members can follow along on the app's live feed.

Teambonding can provide a live kickoff for the event with a facilitator, or you can use a prerecorded video so people can start whenever they want. Cost: Starts at $600 for up to 20 people with customization on the app; $20 a person after that.