by Michael J. Shapiro | October 30, 2017
The development slated for the golf course between the Wynn and Encore properties in Las Vegas will include a 47-story hotel tower, casino, convention space and more, chairman and CEO Steve Wynn revealed last week in the company's Q3 earnings call. According to Wynn, the golf course will close on Dec. 22, and construction will begin on Jan. 3, 2018.
The first phase of construction will be on approximately 224,000 square feet of exhibit space. At the end of May or in early June, 2018, crews will begin demolishing the North Villas to make way for the 1,500-room hotel, which will include its own casino and restaurants.
The whole complex - what Wynn has referred to previously as Paradise Park -- will be based loosely on a carnival. "We have decided to take the theme of Carnivale and turn it on its edge and make a series of attractions and interactive experiences that in some ways have their roots in what all of us grew up with carnivals," said Wynn, "but are not really that. They're far more."
Wynn sketched out plans for the Carnivale theme, which will include a mile-long boardwalk that will surround an hourglass-shaped lagoon on the property, as well a 30,000-square-foot outdoor pavilion and a 103-foot-diameter carousel that sits on a dock just over the lagoon. A high-tech bumper-car rally will take place every 10 or 15 minutes, complete with flashing LED lights and explosions of sound and color. A parade of 10 or 12 floats will come out on the lagoon in an audiovisual parade every night, just after dark; groups will be able to ride the floats and be a part of the experience.
"That parade is a musical and visual extravaganza," added Wynn, "but it's not the Rose Bowl parade. It's a much edgier kind of thing, with huge spiders with spider webs and King Kong and the devil, and these things are 25 or 30 feet tall and they're animated."
Wynn referred as well to zip lines, fireworks and "a host of other things that populate the boardwalk."
Wynn anticipated releasing more details this coming spring, as well as a final model for the development. He noted, too, that there still will be 40 to 60 acres of undeveloped property at the far east and north ends of the development, toward the Las Vegas Convention Center, and that they are currently in negotiation with several parties for that space.
Wynn's board of directors is scheduled to see the project details in the coming week, he added, and the CEO expects to have a budget in the next 90 days.