by Michael J. Shapiro | February 04, 2015
The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board on Monday dismissed complaints filed by Carpenters Local 8 and Teamsters Local 107 against the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The local unions filed the complaints in the aftermath of their exclusion from convention center work after they failed to sign a new work agreement by the deadline established by the center last spring. The Labor Relations Board determined it did not have jurisdiction to rule on the complaints because the Convention Center Authority does not actually employ the private-sector workers represented by the unions. John McNichol, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority, praised the ruling. "Moreover," he added, "we believe -- and have maintained for months -- that the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority acted in a fair manner and within the law. These new work rules and expanded exhibitor rights were needed to fulfill the center's responsibility to become more competitive, address customer concerns and meet our mission of serving as the economic driver for the region's hospitality industry." Four of the six unions then working at the convention center signed on to the new work rules. The chapter representatives have 20 days from the ruling to file exceptions.