by Michael J. Shapiro | July 12, 2018
Event-management software provider Etouches is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a makeover. Beginning today, the technology company shall be known as Aventri. Its tagline, which is part of the company logo: Connect better.
"Our rebranding project was ignited by the desire to take our former name and branding to the next level," said CMO Chalva Tchkotoua, who joined Etouches a little more than a year ago and has been an integral player in the makeover process. "The more research we did, the more we realized that 'Etouches' didn't represent the future, the direction we were heading."
The company's 10th anniversary, Tchkotoua noted, represented an opportune moment to relaunch its branding and messaging. The name Aventri fuses several words and concepts together, he explained. It's about the new avenues of opportunity represented by events, and an entry into the event channel via cutting-edge technology -- avenues, events, entry.
The new branding is built around the power of personal connections -- with customers, partners and employees, noted Tchkotoua. It is driven by three pillars:
• Curation -- helping customers navigate the event-management software industry by curating custom solutions that address their specific needs;
• Navigation -- staying ahead of the innovation curve by helping clients chart a sure-footed path forward, and
• Connection -- setting the stage of high-quality connections to drive return on investment in every interaction.
Aventri's value proposition is about providing an integrated end-to-end solution for event management, which has been Etouches' long-range objective. The tech company has grown substantially, having completed four acquisitions in the past two years. The rebranding is an opportunity to acknowledge the integration of those acquisitions, better define the company's current and future goals, and reach a broader audience in the process.
"We didn't have a compelling story to tell about who we are and what we do, and the global nature of our business," said Tchkotoua. "Now we are advancing as an organization and conveying that message."
The fact that fellow event-tech provider Cvent has enjoyed a sky-high profile over the past two years, via its massive sale to Vista Equity Partners and subsequent merger with Lanyon, was likely a motivating factor in the reboot. "This better positions us to take on our biggest competitor," Tchkotoua said.