by Michael J. Shapiro | August 11, 2015
Event management company Experient, which is part of Maritz Travel, has teamed with technology provider TurnoutNow to develop products and services based on geolocation data. Specifically, Experient is tapping TurnoutNow's expertise in beacon/receiver technology, which uses BLE (Bluetooth low energy) to gather data about attendee behavior during events. (This is the same technology that powers Apple's iBeacon.)

"We plan on focusing on BLE as a technology to drive easier acquisition of relevant behavioral data," explained Experient's Mike Godsey, senior vice president of market development. "As a company, we really want to focus on what the attendee does throughout the event so that we can tailor information and recommendations based on what they actually do, as opposed to answers to demographic questions."

TurnoutNow touts its technology as being able to capture attendee data in real time, which provides actionable insight to the show organizers. The companies intend to ramp up development and should have some more specific product details by year's end.