by Michael J. Shapiro | April 20, 2016

Hotel sourcing and booking tool Zentila has debuted Negotiation Tracker, a new feature that powers, tracks and reports on the hotel-negotiation process. From submitting an electronic request for proposal up until contracting, the new feature tracks all communication that takes place during the process and stores all details. Planners can access the entire bid history with any number of hotels, as changes are recorded in real time.

"Other solutions only show where negotiations start and end," said Zentila CEO Mike Mason. "They omit everything in-between. Negotiation Tracker powers negotiations and takes the complexity out of gathering bid details from multiple venues. Planners get not just a snapshot, but a complete timeline of each rebid.

"In today's economy, especially where availability continues to be a challenge, this is a key part of being able to manage multiple hotels," continued Mason. "A lot of times it's nearly impossible to negotiate with three or four hotels at the same time because there is so much back-and-forth, especially when you have challenges with occupancy and availability. This enables you to very simply have it all in one place. You don't have to remember everything. It's a great way to keep the data accurate and up to date."

Planners can also generate reports that compare the bids over time, tracking the costs vs. savings generated by their negotiations. The tool is now a live feature within the platform. A more robust version that provides back-end negotiating data is available in the paid enterprise versions of Zentila.

According to Mason, Negotiation Tracker is the first step in simplifying the negotiation process via automation, and more advanced negotiation-engine features are in development for future release.

Zentila is the platform that powers M&C's Facility Search.