by Michael J. Shapiro | November 04, 2015
Zentila, a sourcing and venue-booking tool, has launched a new platform for citywide conventions. The platform, called CityWide, will allow planners to manage options for large, multivenue events.

According to Zentila CEO Mike Mason, CityWide can handle different dates, meeting venues, room blocks, concessions and fees simultaneously, and help planners evaluate multiple offers from multiple venues to construct the ideal event scenario.

CityWide allows planners to source and book convention centers -- a new feature on the platform -- as well as to source room blocks of different sizes at multiple hotels simultaneously. The platform collects spend and savings data from all venues. "Previously, planners have had to conduct a series of searches for multivenue events," Mason explained. "In many cases, they then faced the laborious task of transferring all the data onto a spreadsheet and calculating savings and spend manually to compare offers."

Another feature new to Zentila allows hotels to deliver multiple proposals, customized according to different dates. Everything in the proposals, including concessions, meeting space availability, costs and fees, can be changed to reflect the dates, allowing hotels to provide a more complete picture of what they can offer at different times.

Zentila is the platform that powers M&C's Facility Search.