by Loren G. Edelstein | November 01, 2014
Awell-conceived theme makes special events even more special, according to 94 percent of the 130 respondents to a recent M&C poll. Their most prevalent method of finding those great concepts is by tapping their own creative brainpower. For an extensive list of planners' favorite theme ideas -- and epic fails -- go here. 

Are you planning any end-of-year holiday parties this year?

44% No
56% Yes

If yes, will the event(s) be themed?

27% Yes
59% No
14% Some will; some won't

To what extent do you agree that a theme enhances a special event?

37% Greatly
57% Somewhat
5% Not significantly
1% Not at all

How do you find theme ideas?

81% Tap my own creativity
66% Suggestions from colleagues at work
55% Themed events I have attended
48% Meetings magazines/websites
35% Client chooses theme
34% Consumer media (movies, TV, news, etc.)
32% Suggestions from other planners
25% Pinterest
25% Suggestions from friends/family
23% CEO/top management
22% Destination management companies
22% Hotel/venue
17% Third-party planners
7% Destination marketing organization
11% Other

Do you believe your theme ideas reflect on your professional skills?

27% Greatly
57% Somewhat
16% Not significantly

How comfortable are you with your ability to develop event themes?

52% Very
38% Somewhat
8% Not very
2% Not at all

Source: M&C Research survey of 130 meeting professionals