by Loren G. Edelstein | June 01, 2015
Meeting professionals rarely inhabit a work-free zone, as results of M&C's June 2015 Research show. Here are some fill-in answers to some of our survey questions.

Which of the following do you do on weekends?
• I am always available if the people I am responsible for are also working. In most cases, I will be working the same weekend.
• What is necessary
• Email volume is overwhelming and can get out of control. I often stay very late to make sure I answer emails that arrived that day.
• I work on some reports that require only my interaction and not others; things that I did not have time for during the week.
• Workout and participate in a sports league. I find that I now HAVE to get a physical workout to help me prepare for the weeks ahead.
• I work weekends.
• It depends how close to an event I am. Typically I only respond to urgent messages, but as the event gets closer every message is an urgent message.
• It depends on the time of the year. Just prior to a conference I will check email and respond during non-work hours.
• Relax and ignore unless I'm supporting an event that I didn't have to attend. I want to be available.
• Outside of our busy season I don't have to check email on the weekends. Once our busy season hits, I'm available on the weekends and after hours.
• When we are at critical times with group registrations, arrivals/departures, I check and respond to urgent messages. Otherwise, not
• Occasionally go to the office to catch up on paperwork
• It depends on the point in our business cycle. At peak, I check and respond to emails seven days a week. During slower periods, I don't regularly check emails on the weekend. I never check voicemails remotely.
• It depends on the season. If meetings are going at full tilt, then I have to spend weekends staying on top of it all!
• Customers who are not responsive are typically the ones who want immediate response.
• My busy time of year, I work nearly 24/7. The rest of the year, I only attend to urgent matters during off hours.
• Most of my weekend communication is with volunteers.
• I also do the work I didn't have time to get to all week.
• Wweekends are often spent working -- it is the hospitality industry
• Deal with work I brought home that didn't get done during the week

In which of the following scenarios have you responded to work-related messages?
• While outside the office, I check and respond to emails when I can.
• When needed
• Anytime it doesn't impact strangers, i.e., concert or movie customers who don't like to be kept waiting. However, if more customers and clients did their part, responded and actually answered questions --- in effect did their jobs -- more would be accomplished with less stress and more effectiveness. Organizing one's thoughts before sending 10 emails in succession would help, too.
• Phone calls or texts, not emails. Only if from the highest level in my company -- president, chairman of the board or other board members. Unless I am working an event, I am on call 24/7.
• At home while relaxing
• On vacations. To get away, one really has to go to a place where there's no cell service.
• While walking between meetings
• During normal weekend home time, relaxing, cooking, chores, etc.
• When I can get to it at home
• It doesn't matter the time of day, I feel compelled to check my work emails.
• The only time I don't respond is if it would mean endangering myself or others -- or really upsetting anybody I'm with. My parents live in an area with no cell reception or Internet availability. I love them dearly but only go home if I have to.
• On PTO [paid time off]
• Sitting in meetings, sessions
• With the "while driving" reference, I'm suggesting that I'd be out and in between appointments, whereby I'm able to pull over, if needed, or I'm in a parking lot.
• Thanksgiving. I only see my son once a year, and there I was, working.