by Loren G. Edelstein | July 01, 2014


Following are verbatim comments from many of the 185 respondents to M&C's July 2014 survey on how meeting planners feel about being on the road. 

What do you enjoy about air travel?

• The views

• Frequent-flyer miles, perks. Doesn't make up for the increasing aggravation!

• Being where no one can reach me - so far!

• Opportunity to get prepared for the event or meeting I'm headed for

• Thinking, contemplating, planning

• If traveling in business class, I enjoy the services. If in the back of the bus, I prefer just to read and enjoy a cocktail.

• It's quicker then driving!

• People watching

• Using my imagination as I look at communities below and make up stories about them and the people in them. Or just thinking about how communities form by looking at distances from the center of one. If there are clouds, I love watching their formation. And rain in the distance? It's so neat to watch the patterns.

• Wi-Fi so I can work or shirk!

• Time to relax or prepare, and sometimes meeting an interesting person to chat with, or having a good flight host who makes the flight fun (only on Southwest Airlines have I had this happen)

• Being "unplugged" from work (email, etc.)

• I like the fact that no one can reach me for a few hours.

• Getting out of office

• Tuning out

• Getting away from the office phone, even for that brief time frame

• Catching up on personal business

• Getting work done and relaxing is almost impossible unless I'm able to fly executive class or better.

• Working offline and no one coming by my office to interrupt

• Fastest way to go!

• The fact that when I do travel on business, it's on our corporate jet

• Reading industry-related articles that I do not always have time to read otherwise

• It's a necessity of business, but I personally do not like to fly.

• The sometimes gorgeous views from the plane

• I do not work on planes. It's the only real time to get any rest before or after a conference. In my opinion, those who work on plans are inefficient and have not properly organized their deliverables. The assertion of "uninterrupted time on the plane" is bogus. Considering what could happen on a plane these days, do you seriously want work-related issues to be the last thoughts you have?

• I appreciate the relative speed of getting to my destination. While flying is more difficult than before, it still beats driving!

• Just relaxing...