by By Loren Edelstein | January 01, 2017

Our January Research column polled M&C  readers on their expectations for the incoming Trump administration. Here are some additional questions and responses, verbatim.

Do you have other concerns or hopes for how the new administration will affect travel and meetings? If so, please explain.

• Presidential tweeting will increase anxiety and decrease attendance, particularly by foreigners.

• I am worried about discriminatory laws being enacted like those in North Carolina and Indiana. We do not meet in N.C. due to HB2, and I expect that our options will be limited further based on the racist rhetoric of the Trump campaign and discussion of a "Muslim registry."

• A better business climate overall means more money for organizations to spend on things like meetings. This should definitely help our industry significantly.

• Making travel and visitation to U.S. for international attendees more difficult; U.S. government budget cuts that may affect the government meetings market, which has happened in previous administrations

• I am concerned for the safety of my international or foreign attendees. This new climate in the country seems to be breeding a type of racism that I have never seen before, and it worries me that this administration will condone this behavior, which in the end will have a detrimental effect on the meetings and travel industry from other countries. That being said, it may take some of the events that have previously been hosted in the U.S. to look at moving into an alternate global venue.

• I think uprisings over a whole range of issues (EPA, oil pipelines, abortion, endangered species act, lack of health care if Affordable Care Act is repealed in any part, lying to allies and enemies around the world, and I could go on) will start to catch up with Mr. Trump and will take center stage that can foreshadow chaos throughout the nation and abroad.

• I think the new administration will find it more difficult to make changes than they perceive. My fear is that we're losing the process of legislating, as presidents are able to circumvent due process by executing executive orders.

• Can't wait!

• The fear and trepidation expressed by foreign clients in response to the unclear future of the U.S., particularly in regards to travel and business does not bode well for the industry.

• Expand the list of good guys and gals to avoid some of the stress and angst of flying into or out of the country.

• Areas of concern: immigration; attractiveness of U.S. destinations to international travelers; LGBT workers and travelers; U.S. and global concerns about travel here; Muslim workers and travelers; U.S. and global concerns about travel within the US; worker strikes as living conditions and pay do not improve; migrant workers disappearing and services not able to keep up and fill open positions; trade wars and exchange-rate variances; U.S. travelers finding themselves unpopular in the world and having visa difficulties themselves

• I have consulted with the Trump organization through casinos, and his forethought is on hospitality, entertainment and commerce through conventions. I feel this is good for our industry.

• Visas will be harder to get if you do not have all the required paperwork. The U.S. is very lax in this area and it needs to be tightened up. Try enter Canada without the required paperwork complete -- you get sent back.

• I am concerned that the deplorable (thank you Hillary) liberals amongst us will not allow the new administration to do enough. It is time to take our country back and make it great again.

• I have no doubt they will take credit for any successes and place blame on others for any negative reactions to the economy.

• More business for Trump Hotels than ever imaginable.

• I believe Trump is great for our country's overall economy which will stimulate additional meetings and events. Having a background in the hospitality industry with combined business acumen, he will ensure growth.

• We're concerned about overall funding and grants. We expect grants to be cut and government funding and travel to be restricted.

• I expect the country to slip into another depression that will mimic the Bush administration years.

• A colleague who does a medical meeting with 35,000 people already is having difficulty with those from majority Muslim nations wanting to come here.

• After eight Years of nothing! This is a Breath of Fresh Air!!! If we all work with the New President, and stop fighting change! Things will be Great Again!!

• As a nonprofit, we fear the Trump administration could do away with our group's funding and essentially put our group out of business. Based on campaign rhetoric, it is a real possibility.

• With the general incivility promoted by the new administration, as well as the rise in hate crimes and vitriol, I wouldn't be surprised if foreign travel to the U.S. fell. The middle class and working classes will be expected to handle more costs (like health care, once the new administration gets rid of the Affordable Care Act), and so their disposable income that might have previously been spent on vacations and travel will be eliminated.

• I fear that perception of the U.S. as a welcoming destination will change, prompting potential conference participants to rethink their travel plans and stay away from our venues.

• I don't think there will be much impact. This isn't even on the list of items for the administration to tackle.

• As a hotelier, he understands our issues. Will that impact how he governs?

• The bull-in-a-china-shop mentality, and complete lack of diplomacy and decorum already displayed by president-elect Trump and his transition team, could very likely have a negative impact on relationships with a number of countries important to U.S. travel and meetings. Tension with China may lead to restrictions or at the very least add friction to a currently smooth process. Snubs of Britain and other European allies and allies around the world also are not helpful to the industry and our reputation around the world.

• His platform of hatred and anti-intellectualism is a clear pivot away from an inclusive society. Why would people from other countries want to travel to America? Equally, why would someone from a more progressive state dare to travel to a state which threatens those of us who are in the minority. If you need proof of this statement just look to those companies that canceled programs in regressive states, one of which was "governed" by Pence. I only hope that honest, good folks who voted for this maniac quickly come to realize they were lied to. Until then, expect companies bound to protect their diverse workforces will retrench and retreat from specific regions of our country impacting the industry.

•U.S. destinations will become more of a source of pride to be showcased to foreign visitors.

• I have already had a $1 million contract postponed because the European client planning a meeting in Cuba is concerned that the new administration will impact U.S. attendees traveling to Cuba. I am very concerned the Mr. Trump's lack of diplomacy will lead to additional cancellations or concerns.

• Trump loves large meetings, but could be much tougher on security around large events. Who knows? So unpredictable.

• Think the big picture will be missed for minute issues with the new administration. Given the bullyish comments that has been touted by the president-elect, I think it will be a bit scary for internationals from select locations. Wouldn't it be the same for you if other countries said the same about us?

• It will be good to have somebody that focuses on America first.

• Increase in negative relations between nations could reroute a few conferences/expositions.

• I fear non-Americans will feel their safety is not a priority when visiting.

• This new administration is NOT good for the country in so many ways. Travel and meetings will just be one of the areas seriously negatively affected.

• I expect that the general perception of the U.S. as an accepting, welcoming country has already been significantly diminished by the election, and the actions of Trump supporters against many different minority groups (refugees, Muslims, people of color, non-English speaking residents/visitors, etc) following the election. I expect this will force organizations from other countries who have nondiscrimination policies/cultures in their company to reconsider bringing events and meetings to the U.S. I would give it about 6-12 months before we see a decrease, based on the fact that many meetings are booked well in advance already.

• I will do business with whomever my clients choose.

• I hope that the Democrats will stop being such asses and let them the Republicans clean up the mess they made.

• "Clowns" in Congress will NOT work together for the people of the country, ONLY for their own well being and re-election.

• I pray every day that the new administration will be as powerless as the old when faced with the gridlock of D.C. and in spite of the bombast will be as hopeless as the current one.

• Not sure yet.

• A general welcome mat with less restriction on meeting, less taxes and a growth environment

• Spending for optional things such as meetings will be significantly decreased.

• I hope the Jones Act is repealed for cruises.

• I think that the new, majority-conservative SCOTUS will not strike down discriminatory state laws. As we have a nondiscrimination policy currently preventing us from meeting in North Carolina and Indiana prior to the adjustment of that law, I expect that our destinations will be further limited. Our conference attendees are pretty diverse, and we've already had pushback regarding our upcoming conference in Texas, with concerns about their gun laws, and meeting in states with openly discriminatory policies would lead to VASTLY decreased attendance. As we book several years out, and cannot cancel based on a new law, this could lead to a lot of problems for us.

• This administration is counterintuitive to diversity and progress. Trump is going to do a "slash and burn" on this country.

• Government travel to decline with funding cuts

• I feel like there is a lot of hostility across the country right now that could spill over to some events. More protesting for some for sure. In industries where the administration in D.C. can have a direct impact on, it can create conflicts and heated discussions at the actual event.

• I don't believe impacts of the new administration will greatly affect our industry within the first four years. I do believe that, should the attempt to improve the economy and a whole and businesses in general come to fruition, people and businesses may have more funds available to put toward things like conferences and training.

• Business will improve.

Have any of your prospective international attendees been denied visas to your meetings?

Yes 21%

No 79%

If yes, please explain (including nationality of attendee and destination of meeting):

• This was in the past, prior to this election, but I think it will not help the process. We have an attendee from Nigeria that would like to join us, but she has been refused a visa for multiple U.S. locations.

• Meetings in Doha, Qatar, and attendees were from Jordan and other Middle East countries

• Several delegates from India tried to obtain visas for a 2016 meeting. It could have been the timing; they may not have allotted enough time for the paperwork to be processed, but I do recall having to cancel 5-6 hotel reservations for these attendees. The reason they stated for canceling was visas could not be issued.

• Mexico and South Korea seem to be getting more difficult.

• We had a handful of attendees denied visas in a timely manner last year. They were traveling into the U.S. for a four-day program, but were denied visas in a timely manner, so they were unable to attend.

• South America

• We already typically have a few Chinese scientists presenting papers that are not able to get visas cleared in time. I think this will become more and more widespread.

• Over the years of working with conferences held in the USA (California, primarily), many potential attendees from African nations have been denied visas.

• India, Pakistan

• Several: Russia (to meeting in Atlanta), China, UAE.