by Tom Isler | October 01, 2008

There's an excess of advice, trend spotting and pontification by and for planners on the web, but the insightful blogs described below consistently are worth reading.

1. Next Generation Event. URL: Description: "Enviro-conscious and tech-forward ideas for tomorrow's events." Author: Alli Gerkman, ex-attorney who plans legal education conferences. Avg. posts per month: 16.

2. Gathering. URL: Description: "Ideas and information to help us in our everyday lives -- both personally and professionally." Author: Krys Slovacek, planner for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Avg. posts per month: 10.

3. Fresh Event Tips. URL: Description: "Event templates and practical tips." Author: Rose Lanham, California-based planner, formerly with Yahoo! Avg. posts per month: 13.

4. EVENTive. URL: Description: creative ideas for planners, with an emphasis on the Seattle area. Authors: employees at Seattle-based Banquet & Event Resource. Avg. posts per month: 23.