by Allen J. Sheinman | September 01, 2014

Hack-Proof Travel Vest

It might be helpful when embedded in name badges at events, but RFID technology also can be used to hack your phone, credit card and passport while you're in transit. Hence, the folks at SCOTTeVEST have introduced the RFID Travel Vest ($135), made with material that blocks the intrusive signals, keeping your personal ID and electronic devices safe within the garment's copious pockets.

At Hotels Near & Far  

   • Guests at the tony 25-room Turtle Inn in Placencia, Belize, are provided with free guitars, perhaps to strum the theme to The Godfather, a film directed by inn owner Francis Ford Coppola.

 For an additional $30 per night, guests at the 379-room Loews Regency Hotel in Midtown Manhattan can consume the entire contents of their in-room minibar -- chips, wine and all.

 Peninsula Hotels has introduced an exclusive line of bath products created by Oscar de la Renta, including elegantly packaged soaps.

It's Showtime! 
When it comes to capturing attendees' attention, live entertainment cleverly laced with the sponsoring organization's message is a sure thing, especially as practiced by the following experts.

"Skits" is too tawdry a term for what Dave & Co. (left) do. They create personalized improv-style playlets that vie with anything on Saturday Night Live. It's all the brainchild of Dave Gaudet, who also runs the ComedySportz show in Chicago.

Artist Gregory Adamson, (middle) the epitome of a colorful performer, paints onstage to music with his bare hands or brushes, creating huge works in just minutes. Then he auctions his art off at the end, to enthusiastic audience bidding.

No one will doze off watching hypnotist Erick Känd, (right) unless, of course, that's part of his act. The family-friendly Känd is a real whiz: Imagine the fun when he gets your CEO to give everyone in the room a raise! 

A new service from lets planners create a mobile microsite for any gathering, for free. Such sites work as "one-stop pop-up shops" for events, collecting all information and services, including integration of social media content.