Seoul, South Korea

Korea Baseball Expo, COEX, Aug. 24-26, Seoul, South Korea

NantaFood fight. Stomp meets the Food Network at Korea's longest-running live show, Nanta. Three chefs race against the clock to prepare a wedding banquet, but when the manager allows his incompetent nephew to work in the kitchen, things go awry. This high-energy farce features acrobatics, magic tricks and the creative use of kitchen tools as musical instruments.

Bongeunsa TempleClear your mind. Traditions of peace and harmony live on in Korea's historic Buddhist temples. During overnight stays at the 1,200-year-old Bongeunsa Temple, guests live like monks while learning all about Buddhist practices, participating in tea ceremonies, chanting and meditating. The temple also offers two-hour programs featuring a guided tour of the facility, tea and meditation.

Gyeongbokgung PalaceSpend here. The neighborhood of Insadong once was the largest market for antiques in Korea and remains a major shopping destination for locals and tourists seeking handicrafts, teas and souvenirs. A visit to the nearby Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of Seoul's Five Grand Palaces, makes for a nice shopping break.

Korean BBQ

Seoul Food. At some Korean BBQ joints, charcoal grills are embedded into the table so diners can do their own cooking. The Maple Tree House has English-speaking staff on hand to assist first-timers. To see Korean BBQ in action, visit

Riverwalk: In 2005, a stream that once ran through the city was uncovered and restored. Now the 5.2-mile urban renewal project, known as Cheonggyecheon, is a popular walkway and hangout spot.