Stay Another Day in Puerto Rico

Try one of these five activities when you have extra time on this Caribbean island.


Puerto Rico is a picturesque island destination, with a vibrant culture, delicious foods and plenty of outdoor activities. When you have an extra day to enjoy, check out the following can't-miss attractions.  

Go With the Glow

Photo Credit: Discover Puerto Rico

Take a magical evening kayak tour through one of the island’s three bioluminescent bays. The glow-in-the-dark effect is caused by large quantities of microscopic organisms that shimmer when the water is moved by actions such as paddling or splashing. The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment has a list of operators authorized to conduct tours.

Let's Dance

Photo Credit: Discover Puerto Rico

While salsa is the best-known island dance, two other types, with much older roots, got their starts here. In a bit of a turnaround, Bomba dancers (above) lead the instruments, typically drums and other percussion, instead of the other way around. Plena is a folk dance accompanied by drums, gourds, guitars and more. Try a lesson in one or both. 


Photo Credit: Discover Puerto Rico

Be sure to sample mofongo, a local staple made with deep-fried green plantains. Typically, the savory dish is seasoned with salt, garlic, broth and olive oil, and often topped with seafood or meat. Like most great comfort foods, home chefs have their own versions of this ubiquitous fare.

Art Scene

Photo Credit: Discover Puerto Rico

Explore works by native artists in San Juan’s Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. The museum houses one of the largest collections in the Caribbean, with works dating from the 17th century to contemporary times, many currently on display in the Puerto Rico Plural exhibit.

Walk on the Wild Side

Photo Credit: Discover Puerto Rico

Hit the trails of El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rain forest in the United States. The green space is dotted with pocket waterfalls and lush mountain views, plus unique plants and animals, like the tiny coqui frog.