American Airlines Drops Groups Discount

As of May 1, American Airlines has discontinued its group discount program. According to the carrier, the Group & Meeting Travel team in its global sales department has been eliminated as the new American Airlines works to integrate the group programs, policies and procedures of the legacy American and US Airways. American will continue to honor current discount agreements, although no changes to existing contracts will be permitted, including any changes to sites or dates. Those booking travel on legacy American flights (as opposed to US Airways flights) may continue to take advantage of zone fare agreements for groups of 10 or more passengers traveling from different origins to a common destination. Both legacy carriers continue to offer space agreements for groups traveling together. Call centers for each legacy carrier's group travel concerns will be maintained, as follows:
American: (800) 221-2255
American (top agency accounts): (800) 344-6701
US Airways: (877) 874-7687