New Singapore Tourism Board Fund Aims to Elevate Traveler Experience

The Singapore Tourism Board is launching a new US$7.5 million fund under its Tourism Product Development Scheme to encourage companies to develop new tourism experiences aimed at enhancing the visitors experience in Singapore as a destination.

"Increasingly, travelers are seeking varied and engaging experiences that allow them to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of our stories and heritage," said Choo Huei Min, director of visitor experience and capability development at the STB. "They're not just going for run-of-the-mill city tours, but unique ones, like back-of-the-house visits, precinct or interest-based tours." The STB is encouraging businesses and hospitality services to submit proposals in order to be awarded monies to develop new programs.

One long-standing Singapore institution, Robinsons, a 150-year old department store chain, already has expressed interest in tapping the fund. "We would like to share our rich brand heritage and store with our shoppers by establishing a Robinsons heritage gallery at our flagship store at The Heeren," said Christophe Cann, group managing director for Robinsons.

Susan Ang, divisional director, island investment and branding for Sentosa, Singapore's resort island, said the new fund would help improve operations, services and infrastructure, which would enhance offerings for guests on the island. "The opportunity to tap into this funding will ultimately create a more dynamic and memorable experience for all our visitors," Ang said in statement.