Best Practice Tip: Include This Duty-of-Care Global Forecast in Your 2019 Forecasting

In 2017 through early 2018, we partnered with iJET International to do a joint research project on risk management and duty of care. This initiative resulted in an e‐report called Achilles Heel: Meetings & Events Risk Management Lags Corporate Travel Programs. The overall findings revealed that most meetings and events decision makers are not meeting minimum risk-management or duty-of-care standards for attendees. If you want to download a free copy, click here.

Now our friends at iJET International have released a 2018 Global Forecast Executive Summary.

In their own words, "The 2018 Global Forecast looks at each of the major regions of the world, highlighting geopolitical, social, health, environment and security risks that pose an increasing threat to citizens and foreign nationals in these regions. The forecast addresses global trends, such as frequency of terrorist attacks in non‐conflict areas; the various forms of kidnapping and associated extortive activity; environmental concerns, like La Nina; and changes to airport security standards, along with the global-health outlook for the year. Among the regional profiles, drug-trafficking organizations in Mexico and the Islamic State's presence in Southeast Asia are top concerns, as is sectarianism in the Middle East."

According to the executive summary, more than 50 iJET intelligence experts and analysts contributed to this year's forecast. While the full report is available only to Monthly Intelligence subscribers, the executive summary provides insight into each topic and is available for free. Download your copy of this must-have resource here.

iJET has also generously offered to provide security-question answers via Twitter. Tweet your questions using #iJET2018Forecast, and their experts will answer you on Twitter. In addition, they offer yet another valuable free resource you can download called the Country Security Assessment Rating Map. You can see how each country ranks in terms of security threats in 2018 based on iJET's five‐point ratings scale. This will help tremendously if you do a lot of international meetings/events.

Take advantage of these valuable free resources from iJET and get a better handle on your 2018‐2019 destination planning. Today, when things can happen literally anywhere in the world, resources such as these can make a big difference in your destination management planning.

Kevin Iwamoto is senior consultant at GoldSpring Consulting. You can follow him on Twitter @KevinIwamoto.