Travel: Love It or Loathe It?

Most meeting professionals truly enjoy life on the road

Planners' Verbatim Comments
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Travel can be a hassle, but three-quarters of the 185 respondents to a recent M&C poll love -- or at least like -- that aspect of their jobs. In fact, 40 percent would prefer to take more business trips. The highlight of a hotel stay is maid service, with a close second being "a bed to myself." For more findings and comments, go to




What are you glad to escape from when you travel?
78% Workday routine

56% Household chores

31% Commuting

8% Regular diet

7% My partner/spouse

6% My kid(s)

2% Exercise routine

9% Other*

What do you miss most?
58% Being home

48% My partner/spouse

33% My pet(s)

32% My kid(s)

30% Regular diet

25% Exercise routine

6% Workday routine

12% Other

Source: M&C Research survey of 185 meeting professionals