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Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Parts of Arizona Immigration Law

In a 5-3 vote, the Supreme Court today struck down most of Arizona's controversial law SB1070, aimed at cracking down on illegal immigrants, according to press reports. However, the court upheld the provision that allows police to conduct checks of a person's immigration status when they are stopped or detained if a "reasonable suspicion" exists that they're in the country illegally. But the court indicated that even that section could face further legal challenges. Among the parts of the law that the court rejected were making it a state crime for illegal immigrants not to possess their federal registration cards; making it a crime for illegal immigrants to work, apply for work or solicit work; and allowing state and local police to arrest illegal immigrants without a warrant when probable cause exists that they committed "any public offense that makes the person removable from the United States." After the announcement, the Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association released the following statement, "The Supreme Court has made their ruling and as a state we move forward. More than 200,000 Arizona residents rely on the visitor industry for their livelihoods and, while we support a healthy debate on immigration reform, our focus will remain on promoting the endless positive experiences that Arizona provides for almost 40 million national and international visitors annually. We remain one of the world's premier destinations offering visitors an experience of unparalleled beauty, geographical and cultural diversity and exceptional service. We invite you to visit Arizona for yourself and make your own ruling."