Largest Spa in Texas Debuts at Houstonian Hotel
NewsLargest Spa in Texas Debuts at Houstonian Hotel
Now the property will turn to a $23.5 million renovation that will begin in March and will add a ...
Face Mask Forward
NewsFace Mask Forward
Here’s a bright way to practice good hygiene.
Steam Engine
NewsSteam Engine
This cute desk humidifier is great for WFH or travel.
NewsBowlful of Health
F&B experts say this food trend isn't going anywhere.
Are You Smiling Behind That Mask?
It might not be obvious, but people can tell your mood even when your nose and mouth are covered....
Are You Thirsty?
Are You Thirsty?
Your desire for sweets might be telling you it's time for a glass of water.
Healthy Comfort Food
Healthy Comfort Food
It's been a rough week. Cook up a little something you can curl up with — without hardening your...
Go Anywhere Wellness
Go Anywhere Wellness
Hyatt Hotels has put a digital-wellbeing platform together for all of its customers.
Clean Your Airways
Use this new technology before going to the office, getting on an airplane or heading anywhere,...
Having a Meltdown?
Having a Meltdown?
Join the crowd. It's best, however, to keep it short, and try some of these other ways to cope.