Clean Your Airways

Use this new technology before going to the office, getting on an airplane or heading anywhere, really.


Every time you wash your hands, why not wash your airways, too? A new product called Fend from Sensory Cloud, a health-technology start-up, reduces aerosols, including the submicron droplets that are not captured by masks and pose a threat through airborne contaminants that linger in indoor environments.

Fend is a nasal saline solution sprayed from a hand-held mister. According to the company, the system cleans your air passages of airway-lining droplets that we generate as we breathe, adding that Fend lowers exhaled aerosol particle numbers by up to 99 percent for up to six hours.

The mist produced by the device, approximately 10 microns in size, are too large to penetrate the lungs, but deposit the product's physiological salts in the nose, trachea and main bronchi, where many respiratory droplets are generated. 

"We have seen orders come in from families, frontline health-care personnel, essential workers, students and others who want to address the small airborne particles left by the other hygienic measures, including masks,” said David Edwards, Sensory Cloud founder, an aerosol scientist and a former Harvard University professor.

Cost: Starter kits, including the reusable device and two half-ounce bottles of solution, $49; refills, $7.50. Each bottle contains enough for about 125 airway cleanings.