by Michael J. Shapiro | September 07, 2016

Hilton Worldwide is expanding its Meet With Purpose program in the United States, and expanding to Europe and the United Arab Emirates. The program, which Hilton launched in the U.S. in January 2015 as an offshoot of the company's Travel With Purpose corporate social responsibility program, has provided meeting organizers with general sustainability and wellness guidelines. In this latest update, Hilton is rolling out prepackaged menu and activity programs available at participating hotels in the Americas. At the same time, the general Meet With Purpose program is making its debut in Europe and the UAE.

"We decided to go from that very broad approach we introduced in 2015 to something far more specific now in 2016," explained Toni Zoblotsky, director of B2B marketing at Hilton Worldwide and the creator of Meet With Purpose. "We now have seven packaged menus that incorporate sustainability objectives, that are off the shelf and ready to go. The menu is planned, as is a related activity component."

The food-and-beverage components of Meet With Purpose had resonated especially well with the public when the program was first announced, noted Zoblotsky, and Hilton found a growing interest, too, in the health and wellness aspects of the meetings the chain hosted. Earlier this year, Hilton found in a global survey of meeting attendees that one in three reported falling asleep or feeling drowsy during a meeting. Half of attendees weren't satisfied with their ability to stay on track with diet and exercise habits during meetings. All of these were motivating factors in the latest health-focused aspects of Meet With Purpose.

Among the new menu packages are:

• Yoga & Yogurt, a morning yoga session followed by a breakfast of yogurt, berry medley and house-made granola;

• Flex Power, a 25-minute instructor-led routine focusing on posture, breathing techniques and easy stretches, accompanied by a breakfast or a mid-morning snack of seasonal fruit, whole-grain croissants and steel-cut oats; and

• Meditative Moment, a 10-minute meditation session focusing on stress relief, paired with a menu of a customizable lean protein along with fruit or veggie smoothies.

As a lunch option for up to 60 people, participating hotels now are offering Cut & Create, above, a tabletop salad bar that was popularized at the Capitol Hilton in Washington, D.C. A garden-party theme brings the outdoors into the hotel, as each attendee is provided with garden shears to clip their greens from the tabletop garden, and to construct their salads using vegetables and dressings from the table, along with a served protein of their choice.

More than 40 hotels in the Americas are participating in the Meet With Purpose program. Click here for more details about menu options and an updated list of properties.