New Hotel Act Would Ban Federal Agencies From Doing Business With Trump Hotels

According to The Washington Post, Democratic lawmakers are introducing legislation called the Hotel Act that would ban federal officials from spending any taxpayer-funded travel expenses at Trump-owned properties or locales owned by other senior government officials.

The new legislation comes after the Post reported that President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., had charged $1,092 for a member of the federal government to stay two nights during the president's visit in early March. The $546-a-night rate was described on an invoice as the private club's "rack rate," which is the hospitality industry's term for a standard room rate without any discounts.

The hotel receipt, as first reported by the Post, had been obtained by a nonprofit group called Property of the People in a Freedom of Information Act request to the Coast Guard. At the top, the receipt reads, "National Security Council."

According to the Post, the Coast Guard declined to identify which of its employees had incurred the hotel invoice and referred all questions to the National Security Council, which did not return the paper's inquiry.