New Testing Options Announced for CMP and CMP-HC Exams

The Events Industry Council is implementing remote proctoring and year-round testing.


Amy Calvert, CEO of the Events Industry Council

The Events Industry Council, an umbrella group with more than 30 member organizations, will now be offering extra options for taking the Certified Meeting Professional and CMP-Healthcare exams, including remote proctoring and year-round testing. 

Once candidates complete their CMP applications, they will be able to sit for the exam throughout the year, either at a testing center or from their homes. 

"The CMP is our industry's standard of excellence. Now more than ever, we recognize the need that exists to best support our industry and those seeking testing options to take their CMP exam as it suits them best," said Amy Calvert, CEO of the EIC. "The CMP certification and the support of the global network is a differentiator for those seeking growth career opportunities in their professional journey. We want to support that journey by offering enhanced testing options, particularly during these trying times for our industry. These enhancements allow us to ensure that we are offering timely and accessible testing options." 

EIC has partnered with Prometric, which specializes in assessment development and delivery, for the secure and reliable administration of the CMP exam. 

"Through ProProctor, Prometric's remote-assessment delivery solution, our clients can offer their candidates the ability to take the same test at home that they would at one of our secure professional global testing locations," said Kavita Meneely, director of client success at Prometric. "Each online administration is monitored by a trained and certified proctor, and the software used to deliver the online exam is the same as in the testing centers. ProProctor also incorporates proprietary software designed to ensure a fair and valid test result. This provides greater access and choice for professionals seeking the valuable CMP certification." 

The EIC's CMP Governance Commission reviews and approves updates to the CMP and CMP-HC exams, ensures that the policies of the program are consistent with certification-program best practices, and establishes that all sectors of the meetings industry are represented fairly. Barbara Connell, CMP, CAE, currently serves as chair of the commission. "Earning my CMP was a hallmark of my career and I look forward to welcoming more professionals to this community," said Connell, who is CEO of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. "The Commission is pleased to be able to offer more options to our CMP candidates so that we may collectively continue to advance our profession."

To help further, the EIC is lowering prices for CMP candidates impacted by the pandemic. For those seeking their certification, the EIC is offering $50 off the initial application and $50 off the exam fee if the applicant has been affected by COVID-19 and has been furloughed, had their position eliminated or has experienced a salary reduction. Contact [email protected] for a relief code to enter when making an online payment. For those who are getting recertified, the EIC has frozen the recertification fee at $225 until Sept. 30. No code is required.