Aventri and Meetingmax Complete Platform Integration

The tech suppliers' registration and room-block management tools are now linked.

Jeff Duncan president CEO Meetingmax

Meetingmax president and CEO Jeff Duncan

Event-technology providers Aventri and Meetingmax have integrated their platforms, specifically linking Meetingmax room-block management with Aventri's registration tools. Planners now have the option of pulling reports in real time that draw data from both systems. So, for instance, they can identify attendees who have registered but not yet booked accommodations, and even control inventory to guide attendees to book in the designated room block. Attendees can register for an event and book rooms after entering their information just once.

"Using the integrated platforms, planners will exercise greater control over their inventory, improve pick-up rate and ultimately increase revenue," said Meetingmax president and CEO Jeff Duncan.

Meetingmax offers a number of inventory control and management options, including the ability to restrict room-block reservations to registered attendees. It also cab be configured so that attendees see only the sub-blocks designated for them to book, and place limits on the number of rooms reserved.

There are no additional set-up costs to new or existing customers of either company to take advantage of the new integration.