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Aventri's New Website Builder to Offer Deep Data Integration

Technology supplier Aventri is readying a new event website builder that will be capable of harnessing data from across Aventri's entire tech platform, in real time. That level of integration in a site builder, claims Aventri CTO Shane Edmonds, is an industry first. The tool is currently being beta-tested by key Aventri clients and will open to public beta by the end of this year, with a planned launch by the end of the first quarter in 2019.
"We wanted to make a modern platform that would be easy to use and allow users to make a beautiful-looking website," described Edmonds. "But that's what everyone has right now. One of our core initiatives was to allow our customers to be able to leverage their data more. So we've built into the platform the ability to interact with the entire Aventri platform, to be able to pull data from every module into the website builder."
Upon launch that ability will be available to clients savvy enough to customize the automation via Aventri's scripting language; via scripts, they will be able to access any of their data across Aventri's entire database. They'll be able to do things such as serve up conditional content based on survey responses, in real time, or personalize the user experience on the site based on marketing and demographic data - e.g., promote their other events that are taking place in the vicinity of the person visiting the site. Sites might also automatically promote sessions that need a registration boost, for instance.

Aventri clients have been asking for that kind of data access, noted Edmonds. Over the course of 2019, he added, Aventri will begin to automate the most commonly used or requested scripts to make them available via point-and-click functionality to anyone using the website builder.

The site builder will integrate different widgets - the event agenda, speaker list and sponsor list, to start - which will automatically update in real time when a planner makes changes to them elsewhere on the platform. So when a new speaker is added to the lineup or a new session is added, the website will automatically pull that info and display it on the site. Those same widgets can also be embedded, with that same real-time updating functionality, onto other websites, such as those of event sponsors or partners. Aventri plans to introduce a registration-form widget as well, sometime in 2019.
The new website builder will run on the web server, allowing for faster content customization and enhanced security. Sites will not access data through public APIs.
The new tool should solve any integration issues clients have experienced when trying to build a site outside of the Aventri platform and still seamlessly connect the flow of data to create dynamically shifting content on the site, noted Edmonds. With the new builder, updates will flow automatically.