Aventri Partners With Uber for Business

The event-technology provider now offers Uber Vouchers through its partner program.


Brad Langley, vice president of channel and partner management, Aventri

Aventri, a provider of event management software, is partnering with Uber for Business to offer Uber Vouchers for events. Using a web-based tool from Uber, event organizers can arrange transportation for attendees to and from events.

Aventri global sales and marketing employees used the service themselves before the official launch, at the company's annual revenue kickoff in February. The event marketing team arranged parameters for attendee pickups to and from nearby airports during the three-day gathering.

"Everyone has an Uber app, so the vouchers were super easy to use," said Roni Romo, event coordinator at Aventri. "I could stay focused on the meeting without having to spend time arranging transportation logistics."

Using the web tool, planners set parameters for pickups, drop-offs, time frames and cost per ride. Because the system is voucher-based, event organizers only pay for vouchers that are redeemed. And attendees arrange rides at their convenience, tailored to actual arrival and departure times.

"We're always looking for new partners to help our customers streamline events and add value," said Brad Langley, vice president of channel and partner management for Aventri. "Uber for Business fits the bill. Using Uber Vouchers, organizers spend less time arranging logistics for moving groups, and their guests can come and go at a time that's convenient for them."

The Uber Vouchers service is now available to Aventri clients who sign up via the company's partner program.