Freeman Introduces Digital Solutions Packages for Exhibitions

The new product offerings are designed to simplify the event-technology selection process.

Explore by Freeman Augmented Reality

Explore by Freeman includes augmented reality solutions.

The event-production and brand-experience giant Freeman has introduced a suite of digital engagement solutions, three packages aimed at facilitating interactions between exhibitors and attendees at trade shows and other events. The packaged solutions are a mix of new and existing technologies, but in each case meant to make previously highly customized technology more accessible to show organizers and exhibitors, at greater scale.

Freeman has grouped the various tools under three primary solutions:

  • Explore by Freeman is a packaged set of tech solutions that help exhibitors and brands tell stories to attendees. "A lot of times people think immersive experiences are really expensive," pointed out Danielle Puceta, senior vice president of digital at Freeman, "and we want to make sure that people realize there's a whole portfolio of them that you can choose from." By categorizing and packaging high-end activations previously developed for clients, Freeman can offer them more affordably and at greater scale. The categories here include:
        • Spatial Experience, in which exhibitors can support their brand using augmented reality and virtual reality
        • Shareable Experience, in which unique experiences can be captured and shared with a takeaway photo, either one that's highly customizable or one that features a holographic 3D celebrity image
        • Showcase Experience, through which attendees can explore a physical product via augmented reality, a transparent LCD box display or interactive touchscreen displays
  • Fluent by Freeman is the company's artificial-intelligence-powered chatbot, a virtual assistant that show organizers or exhibitors can deploy across multiple channels - including chat, web, social media, through a mobile app or on-site smart speakers. The multichannel approach, explained Freeman director of digital marketing services David Haas, is key to a successful show deployment. "It allows show organizers to take the investment in their website technology and transfer it across a range of mediums both on-site and after the show," he pointed out. Freeman has been quietly testing the chatbot technology with customers over the past two years, he added, building general libraries of questions and answers before this general rollout.
  • Luminate by Freeman is a collection of the company's interactive and digital display solutions, including wayfinding, digital signage, ePosters, social walls and custom interactive displays. The digital, programmable aspect means event organizers can get the right information to the right audience at the right time.

The solutions will make it easier show organizers and exhibitors to see what kinds of options are available to them, explained Danielle Puceta, providing a starting point to make the technology less overwhelming. The solutions can be used individually or together and customized to create unique experiences, depending on client needs.