Meetings-Technology Provider Certain Releases Real-Time Event-Data Platform


Today, the event-automation provider Certain unveiled Signal, its real-time event-data platform. Certain Signal promises real-time data integration throughout an event's lifecycle so that sales and marketing teams can take immediate action with respect to leads and clients.

Certain claims that Signal offers unparalleled simplicity and flexibility when it comes to setting up the right integrations for the data. The new platform allows event professionals to append data and tag sessions through a rules engine, before it is actually integrated with their marketing automation platform or CRM -- making the data that much more relevant for sales and marketing teams and allowing them to create targeted offers and messaging for their customers and prospects.

Certain underscores as well that the integration is truly real time, as opposed to hourly or daily updates, as some competitive platforms might use.

"Our mission is to help marketers drive measurable results from their events," said Jon Phillips, vice president of product at Certain. "With Signal, organizations can achieve unparalleled insights to create and customize meaningful experiences that event attendees truly value, and move the needle in today's competitive landscape."

Typically complex integrations have been simplified with marketers in mind, according to Certain, using straightforward field-mapping capabilities. What's more, integrations can be built across multiple meetings, rather than a one-off setup for each event. The rules engine in Signal allows marketers to take immediate action based on specific criteria. Signal also easily integrates with popular marketing-automation platforms such as Oracle Eloqua and Marketo.

Certain Signal is now live and available to all Certain Platform clients.