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QuickMobile Debuts New User Interface


Event app developer QuickMobile will debut a new user interface tomorrow for its mobile app and analytics platform, one the company claims will improve the attendee experience. The completely redesigned look includes new features that improve navigation and access to content, and offers more consistency among different platforms.

"We have had tremendous success with our current UI and mobile event app platform," said QuickMobile CEO Craig Brennan. "Mainstream consumer apps continuously raise the bar on user experience, and expectations quickly carry over to meeting and event apps. We've once again redefined the user experience from the ground up and made our UI even more captivating and user-friendly."

Specifically, QuickMobile aims to increase attendee use of the app. "Despite the proliferation of mobile around the world, companies must realize that putting the user first will have significant impact on mobile-app adoption," added Brennan. "Unfortunately, the user experience for enterprise apps, for the most part, has been disappointing, and therefore a major obstacle for the B2B market. Today's users are accustomed to elegant and well-designed consumer apps that deliver great experiences. Their expectations don't change when they switch to a corporate app."

For the new look, QuickMobile focused on making content easier to read, navigate, search and favor for future reference. The search functionality has been extended to include more information throughout the app. QuickMobile also updated and simplified the survey and gaming interfaces. The new design can be previewed beginning Wednesday, Oct. 28.