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QuickMobile Launches Social Media Tracking Tool, Partners With AR Company

Developer QuickMobile has revealed some new capabilities for its event-app platform, including a new social-media tracking tool and a partnership with augmented-reality partner BI Worldwide. Concerto, the social-media tool, monitors specific hashtags for an event and not only captures the social-media activity but also categorizes it, revealing which topics or tweets are trending, for example. The new tool includes templates for producing visual displays at events and reports afterward; the analysis of activity and creation of infographics occurs automatically, following the initial setup. Although most obviously designed for Twitter, Concerto can be pointed to any social network, including internal corporate platforms. The base price of $1,200 for a single event includes up to 100,000 tweets over a 30-day period. For customers using QuickMobile's multievent platform, Concerto costs $500 per event.

In partnering with engagement agency BI Worldwide, QuickMobile is combining BI's augmented-reality apps and back-end technology with its event-app platform, allowing event organizers to set up AR functionality directly through the event app. Augmented reality takes a live view of the event environment, as seen through the camera lens of a smartphone, and overlays elements such as images, video, audio or text. So exhibitors, for example, could embed a code to play a promotional video when attendees point their smartphones toward a specific booth display. The AR triggers are typically very subtle, as opposed to QR codes. The overlaid AR content can be either 2-D or 3-D. The partnership aims to make augmented reality more accessible and more affordable by packaging it as an integrated add-on feature to the event app.