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Technology Is a Pain Point for Many Event Planners, per New Etouches Survey

While event planners are using technology in some aspects of the event life cycle, they haven't embraced these tools across the board, and 42 percent consider tech in general a pain point, according to a survey conducted by Etouches, a global provider of cloud event-management software and sourcing solutions. Results of the study, which asked 239 planners from around the world about the top pain points they encounter throughout the cycle of an event, were announced at the Global Business Travel Association's Media Day on July 16.

Among other technology-related findings, only 20 percent of respondents reported using a venue-sourcing tool, and just 7 percent used a strategic meetings-management program. And despite declaring on-site communication as a major pain point, just 47 percent of respondents said they use a mobile app to communicate with attendees during events.

When it came to identifying pain points in the pre-event phase, nearly 60 percent of respondents cited targeting the right people with the correct event content as a common struggle. Dealing with attendee registration was a challenge for more than half of the respondents, and 43 percent said managing logistics such as room setup, audiovisual needs and the like was a struggle.

On-site challenges were varied and impact event planners across the board. As referenced above, a big challenge cited by 44 percent of respondents was communication with event attendees. In addition, 42 percent of planners said the registration and check-in process were pain points.

The biggest post-event pain point cited by respondents is event measurement. The good news is that a majority of respondents (65 percent) indicated they are already measuring event return on investment. However, figuring out how to analyze the data and use it in meaningful ways to improve future events is still a challenge. Overall, attendee satisfaction was rated the most important indicator for a gathering's success, per 48 percent of those polled.

"Technology and attendee satisfaction are clearly linked. To drive satisfaction -- and the overall success of events -- planners must evaluate the areas where technology can drive the most impact and improve success rates," said Mike Mason, vice president, sourcing and hospitality solutions, for Etouches. "Event technology isn't just making event planners more effective and efficient. It's redefining the attendee experience, creating new opportunities for engagement and ROI, and driving industry transformation."