Are You a Planner, Strategist or Other?

Prevailing titles fail to describe the scope of the job adequately

Our research this month answers the question posed in "Is Your Job Title Wrong?". Nearly three out of four respondents don't believe "meeting planner" reflects their responsibilities. In fact, 89 percent always or sometimes discuss organizational strategy with key stakeholders. Read verbatim comments at

When you tell someone outside of this industry that you are a meeting planner, what is their perception, in general?

69% They think I'm a party planner or travel agent.

42% They have some level of understanding.

33% They ask me what that means.

23% They assume it is a mid-level job.

17% They assume it is an assistant or entry-level job.

3% They assume it is a high-level job.

2% They have a high degree of understanding.

Source: M&C Research survey of 240 meeting professionals