GMIC Developing Green Meetings Certifications for Suppliers

The Green Meetings Industry Council is endorsing iCompli, a division of BPA Worldwide, in the third party's efforts to certify meeting suppliers based on the event industry's eight APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Event Standards, which were released last year. "Certification drives the adoption of industry standards," said Tamara Kennedy-Hill, executive director of the GMIC. "We saw a real need for a certification program that industry participants could achieve and be recognized for their sustainability performance." iCompli already has developed protocols for certifying destinations, convention venues and audiovisual companies (the Colorado Convention Center and Visit Denver have been awarded the certification); those protocols now are being used to develop certifications for suppliers in the other five APEX/ASTM standards for transportation, food and beverage, exhibitions, marketing and communications, and on-site offices. A ninth standard, on accommodations, is rumored to be ready for publication in the coming months. Protocols for the certification of hotels will follow, at which point entire events will be able to be certified sustainable from all aspects of the meeting. Credentials for planners also are planned.