Forbes Study: Executives Prefer Face-to Face Meetings

Surveying more than 750 business executives about their meetings and travel habits, Forbes Insights found that 84 percent of respondents said they preferred in-person, face-to-face meetings over technology-enabled meetings. However, their companies are using more technology to conduct or access business meetings: 59 percent of those surveyed said such use had significantly or somewhat increased. The respondents also indicated they are on the road less often, with 24 percent traveling somewhat less frequently and 34 percent traveling much less frequently. When asked why they preferred face-to-face meetings, 85 percent said the events build stronger, more meaningful business relationships; 77 percent said they like the ability to read body language and facial expressions during in-person meetings; and 75 percent said the extra social interaction gives them the opportunity to bond with co-workers and clients. To see the full Forbes Insights report, click here.