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Is Sleep a Waste of Time?

At Prince's memorial service, the legendary soul singer Mavis Staples recalled recording sessions with Prince at the helm. She said sessions would go all night and often ended well after the sun had come up. "I said, 'Prince, when do you sleep?' He said, 'Mavis, sleeping is a waste of time.' I said, 'Well, I'm gonna go waste some time.'"

I'm with Mavis. There's no better way to "waste time."

There is a stunning amount of research that details the benefits of sleep. The value of sleep is featured in two recent business self-help books: Eat, Move, Sleep by Tom Rath (you know sleep is featured if it's in the title, right?) and Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

Sleep washes the brain of the dust of daily waking life. The brain is extremely active all night, scrubbing itself and making ready for a fresh new day. You focus better, you're happier, more relaxed and more efficient when you've gotten enough sleep.

How much sleep is enough? You're not going to like the answer. The research all points to every one of us needing a minimum of eight hours.

If you think that's impossible, start with getting to bed earlier, even a little bit. I'll detail sleep suggestions in a future post.

Meanwhile, here's to you and me "wasting some time" with some beautiful sleep.

Rob Fletcher is a consultant, author, speaker and coach for a wide variety of corporations and organizations. He is the founder of Quixote Consulting.