Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Confirms Hacking

Luxury hotel chain Mandarin Oriental confirmed today that the security was breached at a number of its hotels, after the cyber security blog, Krebsonsecurity, reported that banking industry sources pointed to the hotel group as the common factor for many hacked credit cards. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group confirmed those findings with a statement: "We can confirm that Mandarin Oriental has been alerted to a potential credit card breach and is currently conducting a thorough investigation to identify and resolve the issue," the company said in a statement to Krebs. "Unfortunately incidents of this nature are increasingly becoming an industrywide concern. The group takes the protection of customer information very seriously and is coordinating with credit card agencies and the necessary forensic specialists to ensure our guests are protected."

While Mandarin has not said which of its 24 hotels worldwide were affected by the cyber attack, Krebs' report claims that all of the chain's U.S. locations, including Boston, Las Vegas, New York and Washington, D.C., were affected. It is believed the security breach dates to December 2014, just before the holidays.