MPI Compiles an Interactive Gun Laws and Event Venues Map

Plan Your Meetings @ Meeting Professionals International has compiled a free, interactive U.S. map showing state-by-state gun laws as they relate to meeting and event venues. 

The Gun Laws & Event Venues map was created to offer a starting point for planners looking for firearms-possession laws at the venues they have chosen for their meetings and events, as the association works to educate meeting and event practitioners on myriad factors associated with firearms, such as safety, security and the attendee experience.

By clicking on a state on the map, the general status of handgun and long gun possession in the state is displayed, including whether or not permits are required. The site also gives information related to exemptions in the law that apply specifically to potential meeting and event venues. For instance, in Montana, handguns and long guns are allowed in open-carry situations, while people need a permit to carry handguns in a concealed manner; still, firearms are prohibited in venues licensed to serve alcohol. In Alaska, people don't need a permit to carry handguns in or out of sight. In New Jersey, a permit, which is rarely issued, is required to carry a concealed handgun or to carry one in the open; no long-gun carries are allowed. Links on each state's page go to its page on the National Rifle Association's website.

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